Thursday, June 30, 2016

Otome games, Longboard and Yoga

         Recently I've been addicted in playing Otome games. Just look at those freakin good looking characters OMG. Definitely not all Otome games are nice. It disturbed me when some of the heroine looks extremely weak like....Strawberries?  The heroine looks like freaking attention seeker Dang~ Cant they just be normal, for goodness sake. The best one I've played so far were Midnight Cinderella, Samurai, Dreamy Days and The Fateful Encounter. The story line were great and most important..the heroine is pretty tough! The designs are pretty too~ Very well !!
          These days, I just wished I could learn to ride a longboard. I could bring it with me everywhere whenever I'm travelling to other countries. I can easily cruise the cities and have fun~ A cruiser would be very useful for me! I also wished to learn Surfing !! How nice to surf ~ It's been one of my favourite activities ever since I watched Lilo & Stitch back when I was 8 years old. Well..nahhh Its hard here in Malaysia...but that doesn't mean it is impossible. Hohoho
           It's been weeks since I took up Yoga Classes. I just hope I'll be fit, healthy and case of Zombie outbreak xD Teehee Yoga is kinda my thing since I don't really enjoy running for kilometres. I took Meditation classes as well. It's good to finally learn how to calm your mind from all those thoughts that keep popping out of no where.

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