Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013 !!

    Hey supp ! been quite buzy preparing for Cf 's stuff for the pass few weeks and  i finished it just a day before Cf  ~ whoah , that teaches me a lesson : NEVER TO DO PROPS LAST MINUTES !! . what to do ? ~ Ririchiyo was my last minute plan for CF day 1 .
      On day 2 ~ cosplaying Oliver .~ gonna do outdoor shooting for Oliver , and to make my coscards too . I personally felt bad to ask cosplayers for their coscard and when they ask me i have nothing in-return~*tears*  i just shook my head lol ~ seriously , who wants that right ? lol
       By the way ~ Comic Fiesta 2013 was quite awesome but wearing Oliver's sailor coat gives me sweats ...super hot.
        The thing that makes me happy and to go gaga were the signature and fan meeting sessions with Yuegene Fay and Stayxxxx ~ Have to admit that im a super huge fan of yuegene and stayxxxx ~ damn, they're awesome . They are plain perfect for me lol ~  perfect !
the crowd ~ inside is worst ~ can hardly breathe lol 

me as oliver from vocaloid ~ with my friend as soushi 

me ~ 

me 2